Launch of Ganga Quest Report

Ganga Quest report was launched on July 26th 2019 by Director General, National Mission for clean Ganga. The report showed the analytics of participation and results of the attitude survey. The analysis show that an online quiz with an informative feedback mechanism can be a very effective way to increase awareness along with enhancing public participation in a Government program. The enthusiasm across the nation for Ganga Quest highlighted the relevance of notifying river Ganga as our national river. The attitude survey clearly showed a need of an awareness drive and more effective program of enhancing people-river connect. Also, the analysis highlighted that the efforts should not be restricted to increasing awareness but must move towards action and advocacy, as majority of participants showed willingness to join voluntarily in an effort to restore rivers but also admitted they are not aware how they can participate. The feedback of the participants also stated that they felt strongly that this quiz has increased their knowledge on environment, rivers, and Ganga.